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Welcome to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church

Welcome to this family of faith and house of worship where we affirm “Jesus is Lord!” “The Bible is True and Reliable!” and, “The Spirit is Welcome!”  Our desire is to love and support children, youth and families with faith-building worship, education, fellowship and service.  We pray that you will experience the embrace of God’s love which motivates us to share His love in our community and world!

We are blessed – blessed receivers of God’s bountiful gifts!  Consider the beauty of emerging Spring – lovely and for our observation, in full color!  Really now, are any of us lacking in food or clothing?  How much food do we carelessly waste?  How much of our wardrobe could we give away and still have more than two weeks without wearing the same outfit?  And what is more we have access to the Word of God, in written, electronic, visual, and audio formats for us to know God and His life-giving ways!

 We need not feel ashamed for having abundance but we should be ashamed if we are not grateful for you.  Are we living with the attitudes:  “Freely we have received, freely give” (Matt. 10:8) and “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)?

God has blessed us  and wants to bless us even more for two reasons:  1) because He loves us so much!  2) so we can be a blessing to others.

 Both of those reasons are cause for thanksgiving!  No one loves us more than our Creator/Redeemer.  His love never fails;  it never gives up on us!  Besides that He want to use us to bring His love to others – to bless them!  What a privilege to be invited to partner with God in sharing with people what they need most!  His love, indicators of His love!  As the hymn writer wrote, “He live to bless me with His love!”

 God, Who has blessed us so in the past, will be our help for the days to come. The Psalmist encourages us to remember the Lord’s invitation,  “Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me!” (Ps. 51:15)  Do you need help with a decision?  Do you need help to love someone who is presently acting quite unlovable?  Is it help forgiving?  Is it a need for physical/material provision?  Ask God!  “We have not because we ask not!” ( James 4:2)  But please do not “spend it on your pleasures”!  (James 4:3) 

Ask God for what you need and want – to help others come to know His salvation through faith in Jesus!  Ask yourself, “Who needs my help?”  Then trust God to lead you and equip and supply you with what they need.

It is to our Father’s glory:  that we bear much “fruit”, that is to (demonstrate Christ-like character and draw people to Jesus!  Since Jesus lives in us and we are connected to Him, as the branches to the Vine, we can do it – be fruitful and multiply! 

For the King and His Kingdom!

In Jesus peace and love,
Pastor Paul Koehn


  Note new service times!!!  Starting Sept 7 the early service will be at 8:00am and the late service will be at 10:30am.  Sunday school and bible study will be between the services.

Holy Spirit Conference Fri Nov 21 and Sat Nov 22:

For more info, view the flyer and print a registration form click here

Advent Services:

December 3, Wednesday – Mid-Day Mid-Week Chapel , 11am   *Advent Devotion #1 – 6:45-7:30pm – Tom Roemke

December 10, Wednesday - *Advent Devotion #2 – 6:45-7:30pm – Pastor Paul Koehn
December 17, Wednesday - *Advent Devotion #3 – 6:45-7:30pm – Charles Asprion
December 24, Wednesday, Christmas Eve - 5 & 7pm – The Promised Life, 2 Timothy 1:1 – Pastor Paul Koehn
December 25, Thursday, Christmas Day – 9/9:30/10am? – Tony Zuelsdorf

Prophetic words spoken 11/16 during 10:30 service:

...”I want you to know Me as a loving Father.  I want to embrace you and draw you closer, to strengthen the weary, and to give grace and abundance of grace to you.  I’m building you up, I’m building My church, I’m reviving and strengthening you and building your faith” says the Lord.

“Know me as a loving God, and a kind and gentle God who wants to bring you forward.  I’ll take you by the hand and will walk with you”, says the Lord, “through the valley of the shadow of death.  I told you I will be with you and I will comfort you and encourage you and willed you up and surely grace and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.”  I am with you, I love you says the Lord,  Be strong in the days ahead, even in the midst of darkness you will shine brightly says the Lord.  I love you, take courage you, I Love you.”

...I had a picture of wave.  Like watching the tide come in, and they kept coming in, building to a tsunami.

“You think your worship just comes and it goes and you stop and you leave, but it doesn’t.  It’s building on itself, It’s building in the heavenliesuntil there will be a tsunami that will overwhelm”.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory:

If you have not taken it yet you are encouraged to take the spiritual gifts inventory.     click here  to take the survey.


OSL family and friends, please head over to the OSL LaunchPad facebook page and "like" us to receive updates. The LaunchPad (for children under 5).  There is no cost. 
DO YOU HEAR "JESUS CALLING"? Christian and non-Christian women desire fellowship with other women, advice, kinship, etc. The LaunchPad often appears to be activity based but also it is filling a basic need of kinship and mentoring.  Here is a way for us to serve and to fill, even in a small way, mom's need for help. Mature mothers and grandmothers are needed to provide the mentorship and advice that only comes with years of experience.  Who are the ones that fit this description?  Who will step up and help the mothers that are silently begging to meet God through the love and help of others?  Simply providing help to mothers, a place to meet with others, a place where their child can make a mess, a place for cooped up kids to be free, is one of our most important ways of sharing Christ's love.  

For more info on the LaunchPad
click here

Our Savior's Lutheran School

Our Savior's also has a school.  It is located on the same campus and is attached to the church.  The school provides a christian education for K - 8 grades.  Additionally, there is a preschool program. 

Please  visit the school site  for more information

Internet Access:

Note that we have WIFI internet access in most community areas of the building. The network is called "OSLGuest".  For the WPA2 password call the church office,  ask a member of the worship team, ask an usher or send a request to web support on the 'Contact Us' Page.

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